EVOLIS – Pilot project with NOC

Evolis, the Inspection Mobile Solution that matures inspection at North Oil Company (NOC).

In October 2019, the Evolis solution has been presented and tested on NOC Platform (G Location) ; it was the opportunity to discuss inspection requirements with field operators and to validate the use of the tablet in real conditions (sun, gloves, humidity…).

Following this presentation and due to the excellent feedback received from site and onshore department, a pilot test has been organized from February to April 2020 on G-Location.


The whole inspection cycle has been tested:

Preparation : using Evolis Backoffice, the preparator prepared the inspection schemes (WSE) and isometrics.

Assignement : the inspection supervisor assigned inspection workpacks (previously validated) to a specific inspector and updated inspection workload.

Execution : the inspector executed the inspection using Evolis Tab application running on an ATEX tablet.

Reporting, notifications, export and updates : at the end of the inspection cycle, the inspector synchronized the data from the tablet, and checked the inspection using the Evolis Backoffice application, so that the supervisor can validate the inspection done, preview and generate the report.


Feedback from site and onshore inspection department has been very positive:

• Higher quality of inspection reports generated

• User-friendly interface and ergonomics

• Reports highlight the damages raised during the inspection (as the pictures taken can be annotated in real time, on site)

• Better visibility on inspection workflow (from preparation to reports validation via execution)

• Huge time-saving when conducting inspection (particularly on reporting phase