Making CMIMS data processing reliable

For some time now, the management of an industrial installation cannot be properly carried out without the help of a specialized software suite: a CMIMS.

The main difficulty in using a CMIMS is the preparation and loading of data for each industrial asset. The reliability and relevance of this data are essential for the software to function properly.

All the data implemented in a CMIMS comes from a reliable and validated source. They come from manufacturer’s documentation, maintenance and inspection engineering deliverables, and the various technical specifications used in each installation.


How to process CMMS data?

The complexity of data processing lies in standardization and analysis. Indeed, data sources are so varied that they never have the same format or structure. It is therefore essential to standardize all the data while maintaining consistency and relevance.

Data can potentially be interpreted in different ways depending on the context or the person processing it. Experience is very important here to analyze the data in its environment and bring out the concrete information while leaving out the insignificant data.


How important is it to audit CMMS data?

Malfunctions can be encountered in an industrial organization due to poor CMIMS management. These malfunctions can last for many years because users learn to deal with them and get used to the problem instead of trying to fix it. Often, this is due to a lack of time and technical support.

This is why it is interesting to have your CMIMS database audited from an external point of view. To highlight potential problems that seem invisible to daily users who have become accustomed to them.

Holis, with its expertise in data integration and digital solutions, offers a complete range of services for the audit, migration, and implementation of customer CMIMS data.